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The Call Of The Wild
ISBN 9786054782062
Yayınevi Sis Yayıncılık
Yazarlar Jack London (author)
Kitap Tanıtımı He was sounding the deeps of his nature, and of the parts of his nature that were deeper than he, going back into the womb of Time. From The Call of the Wild Published in 1903, The Call of the Wild is probably Jack Londons most famous work and takes place in the extraordinary conditions of the Yukon during the 19th century Klondike Gold Rush where powerful and strong sledge dogs were highly demanded. Jack London blends his experience as a gold prospector in the Canadian wilderness with his thoughts, which he drew from various influential intellectuals such as Charles Darwin and Friedrich Nietzsche, concerning nature and the struggle for existence. The Call of the Wild may be simply read as an adventure about a dog in the wilderness; however, some hold the idea that it has something more valuable and deeper beneath, drawing parallels between humans and dogs, especially their emotions like pride, justice and shame and that it therefore may be read as a human allegory as well.

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